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Tips for Sellers

We have included a few tips below to help you with selling your home or property. If you would like to know more, please contact Hot Local Deals agents.


Hosting a Open House

  1. Best days for Open House are Saturday or Sunday from 1pm -4pm.

  2. Schedule your open house at least one week in advance.

  3. Restrict the total open house hours to three or less (e.g., 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.). This will reduce the wear and tear on you of waiting for buyers, and it also increases the odds of people visiting simultaneously. This may be a bit hectic, but it enhances the sales atmosphere by creating interest while one prospect sees another looking at the house at the same time.

  4. Place directional arrows starting about three or four blocks away from your home.

  5. Place a highly visible Open House yard sign front of the house.

  6. Leave space for parking.

  7. Clean up the front of the house; your front porch area and entryway should sparkle.

  8. Give everyone who walks in a brochure or other printed material of your home as they walk in.

  9. Be sure to turn on all lights, including those in closets, and open draperies.

  10. Have extra clean bathrooms and close all toilet lids.

  11. Make sure that all valuables are not accessible.

  12. Play soft rock or classical music in background.

  13. Consider a guest registration book for visitors to sign. Be sure to get Name, phone number and email address. Good way to follow up with visitors.

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