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Tips for Buyers

We have included a few tips below to help you with buying your new home or property. If you would like to know more, please contact Hot Local Deals agents.


Best Place to Live

Pay special attention to districts with good schools (high teacher-student ratios and graduation rates are among the hallmarks), even if you don't have school-age children. When it comes time to sell, you'll find that a strong school system is a major advantage in helping your home retain or gain value.

Try also to get an idea about the real estate market in the area. For example, if homes are selling close to or even above the asking price, that shows the area is desirable. Your real estate agent may also be able to show you listings. Incidentally, if you have the flexibility, consider doing your house hunt in the off-season -- meaning, generally, the colder months of the year. You'll have less competition and sellers may be more willing to negotiate.

Next, take your search to real estate sites like which let you search for property that matches your requirements. If you see a house you're interested in, save it, print it, add it to your bookmark or favorites list, and take note of the listing code; your agent will want that code to arrange to show you the home in person.

Focus on the details
When you actually start touring homes, bring a notebook and a digital or Polaroid camera to help you remember details. Your real estate agent should supply you with a description of each house and the lot it sits on, the property tax assessment, the asking price, and sometimes a diagram of the rooms. Your camera and notebook are there to record other details, ranging from the cost of heating to the view out the rear window.

One note: Don't automatically reject a house just because it doesn't measure up to your desires, either in features or price. You can always add a deck, for instance, or update a kitchen. Since the asking price is just a starting point for negotiation, you will be making offers and counteroffers as both parties seek an acceptable price.

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